Who we are

GGlobal411 Ventures LLC is a wholly owned private company established in 1999 as an Internet Service Provider, we have since grown into many other fields including but not limited to our main line of wholesale ADSL2+ modems and routers @ modemsupply.com, We are the parent company and debtor for our other brands of ModemSupply.com, TvRecRents.com, AquariumLEDlightCo.com & hosting services from Global411.net directly & Dedicated ATA hosting with DataHostingCo.com

Global411 Network Services :

Global411 Network Services is ready to handle all of your networks, servers, desktops and much more, so you can focus on your business.

Offering IT services in the Treasure Valley, Global411 Network Services will quickly take on and solve your IT needs in a very cost-effective way. Specializing in on-site network setup, troubleshooting, new office setup, new employee immersion, backups, recovery, management, secure guest wifi setup & custom-built solutions that provide reliable up-time and save money without the hassles and extra cost of a full-time employee.

OverView :

Outsourcing your technology needs to Global411 Network Services for network design, implementation, maintenance and repair is THE solution for your IT needs.

We provide fast, professional quality IT to small and medium organizations, as we offer an elite IT service without an elite platinum price.

Global411 Network Service offers services from basic help desk to complex network issues, all tailored to each client’s needs and budget.

With Global411 Network Services you will only get an experienced, certified Tier III professional.

We are available on call, by appointment and can diagnose and resolve your most difficult issues quickly and efficiently.

To learn more about how Global411 Network Services can take care of your IT services in the Treasure Valley, call us at 208-352-2778 or e-mail us.

We offer on-site servicing and maintenance as well as remote assistance.

We look forward to working with you and making sure your IT systems & your company run as smoothly as possible.

You will be amazed by our professional service and the savings.

Pricing :
Per Hour : $55

Simply all network IT tasks.
1 hr Min, & thereafter prorated @ the half hour


Monthly Maintenance Program : $185 monthly
Overview :

Full Network Support, Troubleshooting,
29 Point Maintenance schedule per machine, Updates, Backups,
disaster recovery, 8 hours allotted for maintenance & other IT services.

Backups, Updates & Maintenance performed every 2 weeks unless
more frequent arrangements are made.

8 hours IT support can be used as needed throughout the month during
normal business hours.

Up to 6 Desktop Machines add $15 mo per additional PC

After full use of allotted hours, each additional hour will be invoiced
@ $30 per hour with prorations on the half hour

Unused hours do not accumulate.


1 Year Maintenance Program contract : $200 monthly
Overview :

All features of the monthly + an additional 24 hours of IT support for use over the year & roll-over up to 20 hours of unused monthly time.
A $1320 SAVINGS.


Web Hosting, Design & Email services available. Discounts for monthly
maintenance subscribers.

Hosting :

Full Service Web Site

Completed main site design with Unlimited updates, Email service,
Hosting, bandwidth & newsletters Domain registration with annual
renewal, subscription/distribution service, Ongoing unlimited site updates as
well as SEO for the search engines to get you the best organic rankings we can.

IT Maintenance Subscriber Set up – $300.00
Monthly Maintenance – $95.00
Non – Subscriber Set up – $375.00
Monthly Maintenance – $110.00


Small Business Web Service

Completed static business card site design (3 page max) with four updates per month,
7 email accounts & unlimited hosting. Domain registration with annual renewal
Newsletter subscription/distribution service (3) Newsletters, 4 web site updates
as well as SEO for the search engines to get you the best organic rankings we can.

IT Maintenance Subscriber Set up – $230.00
Monthly Maintenance – $55.00
Non – Subscriber Set up – $250.00
Monthly Maintenance – $65.00


Basic Site Service

Two updates to your existing web site. Four e-mail accounts. Unlimited Hosting,
Unlimited bandwidth, One monthly Newsletter Domain name transfer with annual renewal.

IT Maintenance Subscriber Set up – $55.00
Monthly Maintenance – $30.00
Non – Subscriber Set up – $70.00
Monthly Maintenance – $40.00


Hosting Only 

Unlimited disk space and bandwidth, Flexible, easy to use control panel, Unlimited sub domains, FTP accounts and email accounts, unlimited pop3 email accounts with SMTP, Web mail access: POP3 & IMAP service, Receive your email to your phone via IMAP support, prevent spam with ASSP Spam service, 99.9% Up-time, Domain name transfer, Annual domain name renewal, unlimited auto responders, mail forwards, email Aliases, mailing list.

IT Maintenance Subscriber Set up – $20.00
Monthly Hosting – $7.00
Non – Subscriber  Set up – $25.00
Monthly Hosting – $10.00

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